TRANSFORMATIVE STRATEGIC PLANNING: What Every CEO, Senior Manager, Member of a Board and any Executive Involved in Strategy Needs to Know About Strategic Planning

Date: 27th – 28th May 2019

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand 


Delegates will receive copies of Dr. Flores articles that are related to strategic management, a roadmap to measure the effectiveness of their strategic planning processes and how to improve their planning process to its maximum potential.


  • STRENGTHEN the collective strategic thinking capabilities of your management team
  • DEVELOP powerful strategic plans and a shared management mindset
  • ELEVATE your level of strategic information and identification of future challenges
  • SEIZE opportunities and take advantage of trends instead of reacting to them
  • PROVIDE coordination and clarity throughout your organization
  • CREATE leadership at all levels of management in your organization
  • GENERATE effective strategic change and ESTABLISH effective processes for excellent plan implementation
  • EVALUATE your strategic planning process and effective available tools


High level strategic thinking is an essential responsibility of the entire management team. The team has to learn how to formulate and implement powerful strategies if they want their organization to not only gain a foothold in their market but also remain competitive against rivals. These strategies are usually complex, requiring the participation of members of the Board, all departments and levels of management, and they must also be unique enough to prevent competitors from copying them.

Transformative strategic planning is an intensive course that provides delegates how to develop a stronger organization with an energized, unified and committed management team with shared beliefs, a clear and powerful strategy, an effective implementation process, and the ability to respond quickly to changes that may affect the organization’s future.


This training is highly recommended for all senior executives and all others who are or should be involved in strategy development and strategy implementation, individuals who have the authority to implement Change or individuals who are preparing to move to senior management roles. That includes:

  • Members of the Board
  • CEOs
  • Vice-Presidents
  • General Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Other important areas or departments
  • And any other Professionals who are involved in Strategic Planning 


There are many ways to implement strategic planning. Each of these ways may result in different degrees of effectiveness of the strategic planning activities of business organizations.

This workshop presents a transformative strategic planning process that provides organizations with a very powerful tool that unleashes the creative potential of a management team, fosters team work, develops a shared and inspiring vision of the future, generates management consensus and commitment, provides clarity throughout organization, connects all the different pieces of the business, sets up clear priorities, puts in perspective and provides solutions to the key issues and enables the formulation of powerful strategic plans and superb plan implementation.

The methodology focuses on enhancing the collective capability of management to think strategically and make the organization a strategically driven organization.