Corporate Training

Public Professional Training

YF Asia Pte Ltd has built its reputation on the consistent provision of high-quality coaching services. Our public workshops and seminars are meant to enhance the focus and vision of professionals, in accordance to their company’s overall growth direction. We tap on the different aspects of a person’s capabilities, including theoretical knowledge, as well as technical and soft skills.

An effective workforce consists of satisfied employees who feel that their potential is maximized.

In-House Customized Training

As a flexible solutions provider, we are well equipped to handle a range of training requirements. We perform initial brainstorming sessions with clients to align objectives and timeline, gaining a better understanding of each other’s expectations. Planning, research, and analysis are key steps to our content development. Our in-house programmes can be scheduled as necessary.

Organizations that invest on its people can immediately see tangible and measurable improvements in business.

Onsite Development Training

We know the importance of context in any learning environment. As such, we offer onsite trainings that enable participants to clearly connect their newly picked-up information with their everyday work operations. Retention and sustainability are the main driving forces in the development of targeted programmes. Clients usually engage us to perform onsite trainings not only for its educational efficiency, but also for practical purposes as it allows them to save on expenditures.

Continuous upgrading of manpower capabilities results to a more productive and profitable company.

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