Highway Infrastructure and The Economy

Date: 5th – 7th March 2019

Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia




  • Understand road management principles and systems
  • Explore highway economics and economic evaluation of road projects
  • Determine the objectives of HDM-4 and its role in highway economics
  • Analytical Steps of Highway Project Cost-Benefit Analyses
  • Understand the Vehicle Operating Cost concept
  • Discovering the Value of Travel Time concept
  • Understanding the concept of road project life-cycle cost
  • Preparing road strategic and tactical plans under budgetary constraints
  • Gain knowledge on road asset valuation concept
  • Estimating the Unit Cost of Vehicle Air Emissions
  • Utilizing IT support in highway economics



The course introduces highway economics and the economic evaluation of road projects and programs. It is structured around five key introductory modules to highway economics and two case studies. The modules cover aspects such as road asset management principles and highway economics aimed at giving the attendees a good insight into modern road asset management practice. The modules also cover road asset valuation, a powerful indicator on how a road authority is doing in preserving the nation’s largest asset: the road network.


Strategic and tactical planning are also key factors in the road management cycle and are covered here under one module. In terms of technology, the role of HDM-4 in road management and an introduction on how to implement a full road asset management are provided as separate modules. The course is supported by a couple of case studies covering strategic and tactical analyses using HDM-4.



This course is designed for company executives who will have some responsibility for carrying out, or overseeing, the development of road asset management within their company or their organisation. Such responsibilities can be relevant to a wide range of job roles, such as:

  • Road senior executives
  • Government road officials
  • Road asset professionals and managers
  • Transport economists
  • Transport IT professionals and system providers
  • Road and transport consultants
  • And any other Professionals who see road management and technology work as relevant to their role within the company


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