Flare Gas Recovery (FGR) and Utilization in Oil and Gas

Date: 6th – 8th March 2019

Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  



Main Learning Objectives and Benefits:

  • Understand flare gas system in oil field, oil refineries and gas refineries
  • Understand FGR technologies from established to emerging options
  • Acquire the ability to analyse flare gas recovery options 
  • Master in conducting a proper techno-economic feasibility study to define the most economical FGR solution for the assigned flare project
  • Discover the tools and guidelines required to conduct a proper FGR due diligence
  • Obtain an understanding of a proper FGR project development procedure- from concept to execution
  • Exposure to real industrial FGR case studies in oil and gas


Course Description:

Day one provides an overview of flare gas system in the oil and gas industry as well as type of flares. The course facilitator will also touch on the recent environmental concerns and policies with respect to global warming. Furthermore, day one includes the introduction of the FGR technologies with a proper evaluation of each technology, and also looks into each technology’s pros and cons.


Day two and day three focus on case studies. There will be up to 3 real industrial FGR case studies including associated gas recovery from an oil field and flare gas recovery from two different oil refineries. Attendees will be highly benefited from these case studies. 


Who Should Attend?

If you are in design or operation of an oil and gas facility which has the concern of how to manage, minimize and monetize its flare gases emission, this is a course you must attend.   


This course is highly desirable for:

  • Process engineers  
  • Oil and gas practitioners
  • Managers in the oil and gas industry
  • Business owners
  • And any other Professionals who are involved in oil and gas operation


For more information on the above program, please send an email to [email protected] with name of event, dates & location. Thank you!