Blockchain Technology

Date: 11th – 12th July 2019

Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 


  • CBx81 certification | cloud software engineering
  • CB NEXT+ baseline (1/10 Gb) account including SKYE access (enterprise blockchain)


  • Master blockchain and related concepts terminology
  • Understand possible blockchain use cases beyond cryptocurrencies
  • Code baseline blockchain logic (initialisation, keys management) 
  • Code baseline blockchain multi-node eco-systems (propagation technics)
  • Choose, code and apply a variety of cryptographic technics to blockchain scenarios
  • Code baseline permission-based hyper-ledgers (access vs immutability)
  • Learn about Proof of Work technics and how to avoid scaling pitfalls with blockchain hyper-ledgers
  • Manage and maintain integrity of large scale blockchain eco-systems
  • Learn about ways to circumvent issues with heterogeneous blockchain eco-systems
  • Dive into the fundamentals underpinning upcoming “unchained” hyper-ledger technologies


This course covers in-depth and hands-on technical training in blockchain coding technics.

It will equip attendees with an in-depth technical knowledge of the base algorithms underpinning blockchain and hyper-ledgers (distributed immutable ledgers).

Considering its in-depth practical hands-on technical content, trainees will be assumed to have solid skills and experience (pre-requisites) in IT fundamentals, cloud coding, data management aspects and baseline knowledge of cryptographic technics (which will be reviewed in any case during the course).

Delegates will ideally possess basic foundations in business management and business technology.


This course is specifically targeted to software engineers and other IT professionals with a solid coding and data management background who aim to acquire further specialisation in blockchain techniques with a view to utilise, configure or build blockchain solutions for their organisation and that of their clients.

Such responsibilities can be relevant to a wide range of job roles, such as:

  • Technically-savvy founders, CEO’s, MD’s or Top Executives of cloud-based start-up organisations
  • CIO/CTO or Head of IT of any organisation, be it enterprise, government institutions or NFP’s
  • Any technically-savvy professionals seeking a deeper appreciation of blockchain use cases
  • IT consultants and professionals looking into providing blockchain consulting services
  • Software engineers at all levels seeking to enhance their blockchain coding skills