Corporate Profile

YF Asia Pte Ltd specializes in the development and execution of corporate conference, seminars and trainings. We have formed lasting relationships with local and multinational clients throughout South East Asia, the Middle East and the African regions.

With a fresh outlook on corporate event management, we have gained the trust and respect of the industry in just a few short years. Our unique programmes have an interactive and practical approach towards professional advancement, catering to different seniority levels.

Having worked for various sectors, including a number of niche fields, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients. All our corporate trainings are developed based on meticulous industry research, keeping up with the fast-paced global market.

We also offer customization capabilities, organizing programmes that are tailored according to an organization’s specific challenges. Our specially made courses can span the length of a year and can be delivered onsite.

For more information about our company and services, you may reach us through our contact information.